• All the benefits of the Basic Subscription, plus: Fully Equipped Physical Activity Kits: Delivered quarterly, these kits come complete with all the necessary supplies to engage in a variety of fine motor activities. Each kit includes: -Clothespins, Dough, Dot Markers, Pom Poms and more: Carefully selected tools to enhance fine motor skills, dexterity, and coordination. Tweezers: Perfect for practicing precision grip and improving hand-eye coordination. Pre-cut and Laminated Activity Sheets: These durable and reusable sheets are ready for immediate use with minimal setup, ideal for busy families or therapists. Storage Bag: A convenient zippered bag to keep all materials organized and portable, making it easy to carry the activities from home to therapy sessions or visits. Video Tutorials: Detailed monthly videos demonstrating effective ways to utilize the materials provided, ensuring users can maximize the benefits of every activity. Early Access and Discounts: Premium members receive early access to new products and exclusive discounts on additional purchases, like special themed kits. One-on-One Consultation: A biannual (2x a year) personalized consultation with me, a pediatric occupational therapist, to tailor activities and strategies to meet individual child needs, enhancing the therapy experience. Complete Activity Setup: Every item in the activity kits arrives ready-to-use, which means no preparation time is required. This is particularly beneficial for therapists and busy parents who value convenience and time efficiency.
    1. Exclusive Digital Downloads: Subscribers receive 8 unique, members-only PDF activities each month, crafted to enhance fine motor skills. These activities are suitable for home or therapeutic use and may include: Fine Motor Mats: Designed for use with manipulatives like pom poms or playdough to strengthen finger muscles and improve coordination. Clothespin Activities: These activities develop grip strength and precision, involving tasks like matching colors or sorting objects with clothespins. Tracing Activities: Aimed at improving hand control, these activities include fun and engaging tracing sheets to prepare children for more complex writing tasks. Cutting Activities: Focuses on developing scissor skills, essential for enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor dexterity. 2. Monthly Newsletter with Exclusive Blog Content: Each newsletter not only provides tips on how to maximize the benefits of the provided activities but also includes exclusive blog content. This content offers additional fine motor exercises, detailed therapy ideas, and strategic advice to further support developmental goals. *Additional Subscription Benefits 1. Resource Library Access: Subscribers can access a comprehensive library of past downloadable activities, allowing them to revisit and reuse their favorite exercises. 2. Feedback and Suggestions: A dedicated feedback system encourages members to share their experiences and suggest new types of activities, ensuring the content remains relevant and highly tailored to user needs.

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