Trace and Copy Alphabet Cards; Grab and Go activity deck.


Child can trace on top half of the card. And then copy on bottom half. Colorful theme. Laminate for durability and attach to a binder ring for perfect grab and go fine motor activity.


Introducing my Alphabet Activity Cards: The Ultimate Writing Companion for Young Learners!

This digital file is your key to unlocking a world of learning and fun for your child. Designed by a pediatric occupational therapist, my Alphabet Activity Cards are crafted with both the educational journey and the developmental needs of young learners in mind. This set features 52 beautifully designed cards, encompassing both uppercase and lowercase letters, ensuring a comprehensive approach to alphabet mastery.

Each card is divided into two halves for a progressive learning experience. On the top half, your child is invited to trace the letter, a method proven to enhance motor skills and familiarize them with the alphabet’s shapes. The bottom half of the card is dedicated to independent writing, allowing your child to practice what they’ve learned without guidance. This method not only reinforces letter recognition but also encourages self-confidence in writing abilities.

To ensure these cards stand the test of time and countless uses, I recommend laminating them. This simple step transforms the cards into a durable, wipe-clean tool that can be used over and over again, making it the perfect grab-and-go activity for busy families.

Whether at home, in the classroom, or on the move, my Alphabet Activity Cards are an exceptional educational tool. They offer a hands-on, engaging way for children to learn their ABCs, develop fine motor skills, and begin their journey into the world of writing. Ideal for preschool-aged children and early learners, this digital file is ready to print, making it an easy and instant addition to your educational resources.

Empower your child’s learning adventure with my Alphabet Activity Cards — where fun meets function in the palm of their hands.

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