Pediatric Exercise Program: Resistance Bands.


This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT only.

Print and laminate for durability. 

Welcome to My Pediatric Exercise Adventure Pack, a digital delight for little ones curated by an expert Pediatric Occupational Therapist! This engaging program utilizes resistive therapy bands to transform therapy into a playful journey, featuring 12 exciting exercises designed to address key developmental goals.


For Whom?
Perfect for children ages 4-10. However, can definitely be used for older children as well.
Tailored for those with sensory processing challenges and gross motor difficulties.

What’s Inside?
1. Row Your Boat Rowing: Strengthen arms and core muscles while navigating the imaginary waves!
2. Butterfly Wings Flutter: Improve posture while strengthening the back and upper shoulders.
3. Flexing Superhero Arms: Activate superhero muscles with dynamic resistance to build upper body strength.
4. Reach for the Stars Stretch: Enhance flexibility and improve motor planning with a star-reaching adventure.
5. Rocket Chest Blast: Blast off with chest exercises that enhance shoulder stability and upper body strength.
6. Wings to the Sky Soar: Elevate the heart rate and improve posture with dynamic movements resembling soaring birds.
7. Tippy Toe Tap Dance: Boost concentration and coordination with a dance-like exercise on tippy toes.
8. Froggie Squats Leap: Develop leg strength and coordination with fun squats imitating froggie leaps.
9. Twist & Shout Twist: Encourage trunk rotation and bilateral coordination with a lively twist and shout routine.
10. Sidestepping Crab Walk: Improve lateral movement and balance with this playful sidestepping crab activity.
11. Rocket Leg Lifts: Enhance lower body strength and balance with exercises inspired by rocket launches.
12. Squeeze the Cloud: Wind down with a soothing activity, promoting body awareness and relaxation by squeezing the cloud.

What’s Included in Each Exercise?
*Vibrant images illustrating each exercise for visual engagement.
*Clear, concise descriptions ensuring easy understanding of each activity.
*Muscle focus explanation for parents and caregivers to understand the targeted developmental areas.

Why Choose My Exercise Adventure Pack?
*Developed by a certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist.
*Focused on promoting motor skills, sensory integration, and overall physical development.
*Fun and engaging activities that make therapy feel like playtime.

Elevate your child’s therapy experience today with My Pediatric Exercise Adventure Pack! Transform exercise into an exciting journey towards developmental milestones.

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