Cinco de Mayo Shadow Matching; 2 levels included.


Shadow Matching activity. 2 different levels included. Just print and go.

Can draw the lines to match, or for added challenge, use with push pins, rubber bands, hole punch, and string.


Enhance your child’s developmental skills with my “Fiesta of Shadows” Matching Activity, a PDF printable set specially designed for children to sharpen their visual perceptual abilities. This activity features engaging Cinco de Mayo-themed clipart and comes with two difficulty levels to cater to various stages of learning, making it an excellent resource for both educational and therapeutic use.

Product Features:

  • Two Levels of Difficulty: From simple to more complex shapes and shadows, this activity is structured to progressively challenge and develop a child’s visual discrimination and matching skills.
  • Visual Perceptual Skill Enhancement: Focused on boosting visual scanning, coordination, and recognition, this activity is a valuable tool for parents and occupational therapists seeking to support children’s visual perceptual development.
  • PDF Printable Format: Convenient and ready to use, simply print the sheets from any home or school printer. For a tactile learning experience, laminated sheets can be used with pushpins and strings to connect the shapes to address fine motor skills as well.
  • Therapeutic and Educational Benefits: Specifically designed to assist in occupational therapy settings, this activity aids in the development of fine motor skills, attention to detail, and cognitive processing.

Ideal for:

  • Occupational Therapy Sessions
  • Classrooms
  • Special Education Resources
  • Home Learning Activities
  • Skill Development Workshops

Invite a fun and therapeutic element to your educational resources with my “Fiesta of Shadows” Matching Activity. It’s tailored to support children in enhancing their visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills in a structured, progressive manner, essential for their overall developmental growth.

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